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Posted by on Jul 26, 2011 in Facebook, Marketing, Tips | 4 comments

MUST DO Tip to Impact Visits to Your Facebook Fan Page

FacebookI have tweeted and posted about this before, but this LITTLE mistake on your personal Facebook page is still overlooked by so many people.  This is a BIG missed opportunity to promote your Facebook fan page every day. Read on…

So, way back in Dec 2010 (a lifetime in social media time) when Facebook upgraded and changed its personal profile pages with its new design, one of the most important changes was the personal info at the top of your profile, right under your name.  This section contains your job title, place of work, where you live, your birthday, education, hometown, languages, college/high school, etc.

Now, mouse-over your Employer field — and if you did not know about this fix — you’ll see it’s not linked to your fan page! When Facebook changed your profile to the new design, it automatically hyperlinked your Employer field to an auto-generated Community page that is not yours, goes nowhere! Such a pity!

(Read this blog post to understand what a community page is and the difference between this and Business or fan page)

If you have your own company that has a Facebook fan page — or you’re an employee and your employer has a Facebook fan page that you want to promote — you should change this Employer field to link to the right fan page TODAY!

Facebook Personal Page

I still see literally hundreds of personal Facebook profiles with this mistake: the owner has never thought to click on this link and is completely unaware that it goes nowhere and is missing out on an opportunity to promote their fan page right at the top of their profile!

It’s really simple and easy to add your Facebook Fan Page as your Employer:

  • Click Edit Profile, then go to the Education and Work section.
  • Begin typing the name of your fan page in the Employer field.
  • When see your fan page in the dropdown menu, select it.
  • Then fill out the remaining fields (Position, City/Town, Description and Time Period).
  • If you also add in any business partners/colleagues, this will show on their profile too under the Employer section!
  • Click Add Job.
  • You can also add Project(s) to any position and add business partners/colleagues.  Again, this shows on their Employer section).

That’s it. So make this change today. And…SHARE this blog with share buttons below.

As always, let me know if you have questions, and post them at the bottom of the blog so other people will see and benefit.

If you have other mistakes that you’ve caught Facebook on, or tips for optimizing your profiles, please post!





  1. Hi, Yasmin!
    I came across this article on Facebook. What an amazing tip! I’m sure there are many, many more tips out there that most of us are missing. Especially with the new changes recently. So, thank you for pointing this out. I fixed mine right away. Make it a fabulous day.

  2. Great post and very valuable point. My page never seems to come up though. Any ideas how to cheat the system? Is there a setting wrong? :)

  3. What a good tip. Never occurred to me to put my blogs as my employer on Facebook.

    BTW, I couldn’t stumble your post via my stumble bar. I got the following bar. I did, however, stumble it from your stumble button on the side.

    This website is not available for StumbleUpon members to rate or review

    From time to time, we may remove sites from our database for a variety of reasons. For more information, please consult our [Help Center].

  4. Hi Yasmin I see a lot of profiles that are linked incorrectly or not at all. Great article for people who miss this opportunity.

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