Yep, 2010 started with a big Bang for me – I opened my own social media marketing consulting company focused on providing strategic consulting to the small/medium size business owner on how to dive into the complex world of social media, and how to integrate this new medium with existing marketing strategies and programs.Edit

There’s still so much confusion out there, and the small business owner is so busy trying to increase the bottom line, there’s just no bandwidth to delve into the unknown and deep social media waters.

But delve, they MUST.  So, where, how to start? What’s the best social media outlet for your business, product or branding?

That’s where I can help.

Today, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is not a buzz word anymore. You cannot bury your head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist. Its a very real, tangible and powerful marketing tool.  It’s too important to ignore, but challenging to understand how to use it and how it pertains to your business or company.

I have been developing marketing strategies and programs for companies for over 20 years. Starting in very clear-cut traditional marketing mediums, and now, embracing the new world of social media. Its truly exciting and amazing to see this evolution.

Keeping up with the new landscape is an important part of staying in the game.  I believe it’s all about integrating marketing through traditional and new social mediums to get the best results. Its about understanding each social media channel and what makes sense for your business and…what resources you have to invest in this (that’s a whole other blog…)

So my social media marketing strategies and campaigns always take this into account and are always integrated with, and encompass, other marketing strategies like online advertising, email campaigns, pay-per-click and search engine optimization as well as offline tactics, like direct mail.

Bottom line: Social media is here to stay. And social media marketing needs to be part of your marketing mix!

Yes, I feel lucky to be able to fulfill my vision and passion by providing knowledge, guidance and resources to the SMS business owner.  The sense of achievement watching their business grow through these marketing efforts is very rewarding. Yes, I love what I do.

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