Hello, I’m Yasmin Bendror, founder and president of YMarketingMatters

My mission is to help conscious business owners make the impact they are destined to make through compelling content. Building an effective content strategy is a fulltime job. My mission is to take the weight off your shoulders, so you can focus on your purpose. Because this is mine.

What’s my story?

During my career as director and VP of marketing, I headed marketing departments in the corporate and agency worlds for over 20 years, mainly in the tech industries and B2B space. I was good at it. I loved it.

But I needed to align with my inner calling and spirit. I needed to fulfill my deep passion to serve others, especially established entrepreneurs and business owners who are making a social impact in this world, helping others and uplifting the status quo, making a change!

I wanted to express my brilliance and share my years of expertise in this way.

So… I followed my passion and intuition and founded my boutique social media agency in 2010.

And now I help conscious business owners find their voice, message, and connection with their audience through their content.

How? I listen. By understanding what brought you here, why you make a difference and what your brilliance is, I bring out what you won’t see yourself.

Let’s make the impact that you are destined to make through powerful consistent content.

I take a deep and analytical dive into your business with a kick-off content strategy and business assessment call (yes, it’s quite intense). Then we work together, to create fun, smart, effective content that connects you with your audience and drives business, via social media, email, and blogging.

And we work with a well thought content creation and social media distribution plan to consistently keep your content in front of your audience. Content must connect, resonate and delight your customers, and keep them coming back for more!

Schedule your free 30-minute CONTENT STRATEGY SESSION TODAY!

Yasmin writes for the following publications:


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