Small (and not so small) business owners often ask me:

“Yasmin, WHAT do I post on Facebook, can you give me some ideas, where do I start?”

I know, it’s so difficult to come up with great, original, rich, interesting, content (whew!) that will encourage your fans and friends to SHARE IT on Facebook, spreading your brand and message…and still run your business…!

Here are simple tips and ideas that have worked so well for my clients, and all contribute to making your posts more sharable:

  • Ask questions (personal and business related)
  • Be human, share your emotions, feelings
  • Post your thoughts, ask for theirs
  • Share your experiences, ask for theirs
  • Don’t forget humor!
  • Give tips – make sure they’re useful
  • Change, diversify your content, don’t get boring – variety!
  • Allow your fans/friends to comment, always, this makes for great conversation
  • Post content that is interesting, otherwise don’t post
  • Be consistent, post regularly, at least 1-2 times per day
  • Offers: a discount, a promotion, refer a friend and get X
  • Post brainteasers
  • Share inspirational quotes
  • “Did you know?” information
  • Anecdotes from your day-to-day life

One of my social media gurus is Dan Zarrella.  Follow him on Facebook and Twitter – believe me, its worth it. He’s a gem. Dan puts together all these juicy stats — I don’t know where he gets the time — on how to get more shares on Facebook. They are in different blog posts on his site, but I wanted to put them all together here, as its such useful info.  ALL credit for the graphs and research go to Dan, The Man!

Here goes – you’ll love these:

Articles published in the morning are shared more: Facebook sharing seems to peak at 9am EST and then a gain in the evening

Facebook Sharing: Hours of the Day

People share more on the weekend: Don’t forget many companies block workers from using Facebook, but it depends on who your target audience is

Use nouns and verbs when you post on Facebook: These resonate more than adjectives and adverbs

Words that get shared more: How, Why, Best, Most

Write simply, plain English will do:  The more complex the post, the less it gets shared

Video makes for more sharing (and photos too)

I hope this helps you boost your Facebook presence.  And as always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions and please ADD your ideas below. My readers and I would LOVE to hear from you on what has worked for you.

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