Can you believe it’s March already? 2015 is rolling fast, as are the changes in the social media world. Here are the most important social media updates that you might have missed in February.



New Call-to-Action Button for Facebook Pages:

Facebook introduced a new call to action button for pages, which allows users to interact even better with your page. The new call-to-action button will help drive your business objectives. As page admin, you can select your call-to-action button from a range of options, namely:  book now, contact us, use app, play game, shop now, sign up or watch video. Easy to do – don’t hesitate – do it now…



Ads Manager App for Mobile:

This new app allows you to create new ads, monitor current ads and manage them from mobile devices. FABULOUS!!  Just DOWNLOAD it from the App Store : “Facebook Ads Manager”.  NOTE:  It’s currently only available for iOS.

(Not to be confused with Facebook Pages Manager that lets you manages Pages as Admin)

The editing functionality allows you create ads, boost a post, to edit schedules and budgets, and to review push notifications.

Really handy!


Product Ads

Product ads is designed to help businesses promote a variety of products, or their entire catalog across all devices used by their customers. Using this solution, your business can highlight and promote more products. Targeting allows Facebook to deliver the most relevant products to your audience.

Relevance Score

Both Facebook and search engines are strongly focusing on the relevance of content, and in light of that, they are trying to display the most relevant ads to their users. In February, Facebook started showing relevance scores as visible metrics in their advertising reporting tools.

The scores, which are based on a scale of 1 to 10, measures how well the ad performs for its targeted audiences. Relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback an ad receives from its target audience: The more positive interactions, the higher the ad’s relevance will be. Positive indicators vary depending on the ad’s objective, but may include video views, conversions, etc.

Place Tips in News Feed:

Place tips will show you fun, useful and relevant info about the place you’re at and will show at the top of your news feed.  It will include photos and posts that your friends have shared.  Have you noticed this yet on your Newsfeed? I have!


Enhanced Ad Options – Quick Promote

SMBs can use quick promote to amplify best performing Tweets directly from the Tweet activity dashboard. Promoting a Tweet takes just a few clicks and the Tweet will automatically be targeted to users who have interests similar to your followers — the audience that is most likely to be interested in your message.


Mobile Video

You can now capture, edit and share videos of up to 30 seconds right from your Twitter app. Twitter for iPhone users will be able to upload videos from the camera roll as well (a feature that will be available on Android app soon).


Promoted Pins for Everyone:

After 8 months in Beta, Pinterest finally launched Promoted Pins to everyone. It is aimed at helping people discover the things they love, and to help marketers to place their products in front of the right users through paid advertising. Read more on how to use Pinterest Promoted Pins for your biz.

I hope you have found this month’s roundup helpful, and that it will benefit your social media marketing efforts going forward. 

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