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The month of love saw many new social media updates that I loved. Here are the latest social media updates and changes to help you optimize and make the most of your social media marketing efforts for your business.


Facebook Introduces Reactions:  Users have complained for years that they found the “Like” button lacking, and Facebook listened. In February, they started rolling out Reactions globally. Now, instead of just likes, you can get a much more accurate measure of what your audience really thinks about your posts. I don’t just like it, but I love it! Ha-ha and Wow! ❤️

Facebook new reaction buttons.

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Facebook Introduces Private Replies From Pages: This new update from Facebook allows your page to reply to commenters on your post via private message. This is the best news ever for pages, as it allows one-on-one interaction with your potential customers or existing clients via your page.

The new Send Message call-to-action button for local awareness ads allows people to initiate private conversations with business Pages from News Feed ads.

Canvas: New Full-Screen Ads for Mobile:  Facebook recently launched Canvas, a new full-screen ad experience to bring your products and your brand to life on mobile devices. This is fantastic news for brands looking to tell their stories in a more enjoyable, engaging way. It is perfect for creative advertisers who want to share their video or carousel format adverts with mobile users.

Facebook Canvas: A new full-screen ad experience to bring your products and your brand to life on mobile devices.


Facebook’s New Video Ad Feature: Automated Captioning

Facebook recently introduced a new feature to include automated captions.  Do you remember closing a video as soon as you opened it because of the unsuited big sound at an unsuited place?  When using a mobile device, users like to have the option to easily turn on or off the sound depending on where they are. When they choose to turn the sound off, captioned videos help to communicate the story with no sound needed.

Previously, advertisers had to create their own captions and embed them within the video. Now, they will be able to simply choose the option, within the ad creation tool, to caption their videos with the caption tool, and are able to review, edit and save video ads. The good news is tests say that, video view time has increased by an average of 12% with the addition of this tool. Isn’t that a good enough reason to start!

Facebook Updates new Video Metrics to Page Insights:  Facebook started rolling out their newly redesigned video metrics interface in Page Insights. What’s great about it, is that publishers now have access to cool new metrics, such as “more granular video performance data”, viewing times calculated in minutes, unique views, average completion, sound on vs. sound off and much more. Now you can see exactly how your videos are performing.


Facebook’s newly redesigned video metrics interface in Page Insights.


Twitters Launches New Customer Service Tools: Twitter now makes it easier than ever to provide the best possible service to your customers. Easily move from Tweets to DMs, or use the new feature, aptly called Customer Feedback to ask clients to privately share their thoughts after service interactions. What’s great about this, is that it makes Twitter more interactive for marketers, and it allows you to find out exactly how you can improve your service.

Twitter’s New Customer Service Tools.

Twitter Updates Homepage to Reach Logged-out Users: Twitter is rolling out a home timeline to people across 23 countries who visit the homepage on their mobile devices and is making it easier for them to discover stories and conversations happening on Twitter without signing in.

Twitter’s new homepage enables mobile users to search and discover stories and conversations without signing in.

Twitter’s New GIF Search:  More than 100 million GIFs were shared on Twitter last year. Now you can easily share GIFs in your Tweets and Direct Messages using GIF search in the Twitter GIF library. Few things express your feelings better online than a timely GIF. Use this new tool to connect with your audience and create a lasting impression of the fun, creative marketer you are.

Easily share GIFs in your Tweets and Direct Messages using GIF search in the Twitter GIF library.


Instagram Account Switching: Save the hassle of having to log in and out of multiple Instagram accounts by simply using the new switching function. It’s simple and you can manage up to five accounts with a single login. This function is a life-saver for marketers who like to keep their business and private accounts separately, and don’t have time to manually switch accounts each time.


Manage up to five accounts with a single login on Instagram.

March Tip:

A responsive website is a MUST. This ensures users have a consistent experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.  Consumers are mobile.  According to the forecasted number of mobile users in the U.S. for 2016 is estimated to reach 200 million unique mobile users. 

This past summer, Google announced that, for the first time mobile searches surpassed desktop searches. Add to this the fact that, in 2015, Google’s algorithm started to penalize sites that were not optimized for mobile devices.

Here are four ways to check that your website is mobile-friendly.


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