“I approached Yasmin at yMarketingMatters several weeks before Stamford Hospital Health, Wellness & Sports Expo 2014 to learn more of their services and what value yMarketingMatters could provide Expo 2014. It was clear that after my initial conversation, Yasmin knew how to use social media to promote and help increase attendance for an event.  This is the first year TMK chose to invest more of the advertising and promotional budget toward social media for the Stamford Hospital Health Wellness & Sports Expo 2014.  Yasmin was very
thorough from the onset with a comprehensive plan, timeline and budget. She went over and above in giving her time and support to this project. I was extremely impressed with Yasmin’s follow-through on every level and her consistent attention to detail!  A big thank you for all they did to help make the Stamford Hospital Health Wellness & Sports Expo 2014 a success this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and her team very much and look forward to working together on many more TMK events!!”

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