“The marketplace for Social Media Consultants and SEO providers is a noisy, confusing place. At every B2B networking event, you’ll find “experts” that, for a reasonable monthly fee, will magically catapult your business onto Google’s coveted front page. However, if you want the unvarnished truth, from a genuine authority on the industry, then you need to call Yasmin Bendror. Yasmin forgoes the usual sales pitch,  and tells you (in plain English) what your business needs to know about social media. She will tell you that it involves hard work, and she will tell you that it requires commitment. If you listen, Yasmin will patiently teach you how it works, why it works, and exactly what you can expect from your social media investment. Yasmin is the best at what she does, and she enjoys a national reputation for delivering results for her clients. Read her blog, or follow her on Twitter, and you will see, first-hand, the depth of her expertise and her limitless passion for this new frontier of advertising. If your company has decided to invest in social media, your first call should be to Ymattersmarketing.com. I highly recommend Yasmin and yMarketingMatters. As a small business owner, I was naturally skeptical about the whole social media and SEO consulting industry, but Yasmin patiently explained the process. Together, we discussed strategy, SEO, customer engagement, and referrals, and she provided me with dozens of suggestions for improving my company’s internet marketing.  She knows what works, and keeps her finger squarely on the pulse of this ever-changing industry. Yasmin’s calm and confidence were evident in every call, which certainly helped put this nervous small business owner at ease.”

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