“I have a large furniture store selling beautiful antique reproduction furniture imported from Indonesia. The business is 90 years old and when I took over it needed to adapt to the demands of a modern market place. I had already spent a considerable amount on print and conventional advertising and the returns didn’t justify the investment

I consulted yMarketing Matters & together we isolated the 3 needs of my business:

1. Boost turnover by increasing the brand profile and exposure of Miller’s Antiques to the market place.
2. Build, increase and sustain revenue by identifying and targeting the appropriate demographic
3. Achieve optimum exposure to the targeted customer profile.

Yasmin urged me to use social media as my primary marketing tool. From the outset, Yasmin identified the ideal channels and guided by her expertise and experience we focused on building a website and more importantly a Facebook Page.  Simultaneously we built an email and cell phone database that affords us a direct link to clients.

Within 6 months I saw a steady exponential increase in revenue and feet on the floor. The results continue to astound me. Today 55% of my revenue is derived from Facebook.  The apparent difference between conventional forms of branding and advertising is that Facebook and social media afford you access to a captive market. The client chooses to be in touch with your brand and followers are interactive with my brand. Without these forms of marketing I’d be fishing with good bait but not catching the right fish!

With digital marketing and the expert support from yMarketingMatters, I reach exactly who I need to. Daily, people come into the store as a result of online marketing that Yasmin manages.

I highly recommend Yasmin and her team to the business that wants to grow, and grow smart.

The results are self evident. Business is booming.”

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