“Social media is still one of those disciplines that even seasoned marketers – if we are truly honest – find bewildering. In the B2B space – it is even more challenging to apply. From the C-suite to feet-on-the-street sales teams, everyone clamors for ‘more social media’ without really knowing what that means for the fortunes of the business. And not a single one of us in charge of these endeavors wishes to admit, ‘we’re not entirely sure either’.

Do I really need to be on Pinterest? When did Flickr go out of style? Do we need to Pheed, Chirp, Thumb.it or ShareBloc? When did a Vine stop being a vine? Google Authorship was killed? Will that affect my SEO rankings? Is ‘X’ amount of followers each month on LinkedIn good? What’s the ROI on a re-Tweet?

No one (and this is not hyperbole) can demystify and make concrete business sense out of social media like Yasmin can. Practitioners, pundits, professors alike – simply fall short on being able to actually break down what you need to focus on (and more importantly what you don’t need to do) from strategy on through to execution.  Yasmin doesn’t just opine about social media. She lives it. She breathes it. She works it. And in order to guide someone else’s business – you have to possess this in-depth working knowledge.  It frankly doesn’t work any other way.

Yasmin is my first stop before our company embarks on any new or revised social media plan. She’s also a part of regular stops on our journey with scheduled check-ins. There’s simply no one I trust more to make sure we’re heading down the right path and that we stay on that path.  I’m always comforted in knowing that she has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the social media space on any given moment so our program remains fresh.  She is always forthright and candid with her assessments of our goals, progress, tactics and measurement.  She has an innate ability to translate the lexicon of social media into something management can understand. She is absolutely tenacious in her quest to help us attain our objectives. And she cares as much about our success as we do.

Whether your business is just making its initial forays into the realm of social media or considers it a proven veteran – you’ll find her counsel indispensable.  I know we do.”

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