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“Working with Yasmin has been an amazing transformation for my business. She has implemented strategies that actually brought results! Learning from Yasmin has been just a bonus, she is an exceptional coach and an authority in here field. Absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of help with their content strategy and online marketing!”

Maria Nadel, Owner and Founder
Virtual Solutions World

“This is the woman you need to get with to increase visibility, reach and grow your business!”

Elinor Cohen, Intuitive Coach. Yoga Teacher, CEO
The Just Me Company

“Working with Yasmin is a true joy. She is knowledgeable, interested, and clearly excited to work on the project. She has been working to help The Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies, Inc., broaden our reach though social media, email marketing, and a new website as well as create new strategic content for IPS. She is patient and willing to walk us through all the steps. I cannot recommend Yasmin more highly.”

Nicole Grace, Director of Administration
The Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies

“Yasmin is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She has a magic touch when it comes to digital marketing, in every way: she makes things happen that seem impossible, she gets people at every level onboard, she problem solves like a ninja, and she is clear, calm and brilliant at communicating.
We worked together on several projects, from small group training to large conferences, and Yasmin was an absolute joy to work with. She was always clear and kind when communicating, and kept my butt in line on many occasions! 

If you ever need support with digital marketing, or someone to collaborate with, reach out to Yasmin! You will be so glad you did.”

Karen Yankovich, CEO
Uplevel Media, Social Media Marketing Agency  

“Yasmin has been a consultant to my business for the past 3 years. She has been working with FOCUS Children’s Therapy Center on our marketing strategy, plan and outreach. We have learned so much from consulting with her, she is an exceptional coach and an authority in her field. I absolutely recommend Yasmin, and her consulting services to anyone in need of help with marketing!
I truly valued all Yasmin did for us, a big thank you!”

Ruth Yaacoby, Founder & CEO
FOCUS Children's Therapy Center

I have been working with Yasmin for around 7 years now. She has helped me take an old family business which has been operating for almost 80 years and adapt it to the demands of the modern market place with online strategies. YMarketingMatters extensive knowledge helped me build my brand and sales with a strong and consistent online presence via social media as well as an e mail outreach and building a website. Yasmin is ALWAYS on the pulse of what the very latest trends are in this arena. She gives 100% in a consultation and never settles on anything but the best! She has a warm and engaging personality and is excited about what she is doing. I highly recommend Yasmin and her team to the business owner that wants to grow and grow smart. I don’t think my business would have survived without her intervention.

Carmit Bamberger, CEO
Millers Antiques

Yasmin Bendror has been working with the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce on a volunteer basis for over 3 years. She has helped the MRCC grow our community via our many social media networks and get the word out about MRCC programs, events and opportunities. Yasmin has also been spearheading, directing and organizing our premier business event in New Jersey for the past three years, “Business Growth in a Digital World” on how to develop, plan, and execute smarter business growth strategies within the digital network. We have awarded Yasmin Volunteer of The Year 2018, “With Heartfelt Appreciation” for her ongoing dedicated work with the Chamber.

Sharon Rounds, Executive Director
Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce

I first met Yasmin at some networking events and found her to be very personable and passionate about her work. She gave a social media workshop at one event and I started following her blog, which provides a wealth of information and tips on the various social media platforms. When one of my consulting clients decided to expand their social media efforts, I reached out to Yasmin. After an initial strategy session with our team she provided an evaluation, which was very on point. She then developed a more detailed marketing plan which provided information on the budgets the plan would require, targeting and content suggestions. It has proven to be a very valuable roadmap for our team. I would certainly recommend Yasmin if you have any social media marketing needs.

Zvia Herrmann, Managing Partner
Upside Media & Marketing Consulting

It has been a pleasure to work with Yasmin. I found Yasmin to be a warm and caring person who immediately gained our confidence with her vast knowledge of how our institute might increase our presence within the mental health community by utilizing social media. Yasmin developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for us in a timely manner at a reasonable price. We presently are working with Yasmin to revise our website. Yasmin’s suggestions are both sensible and aesthetically pleasing. She has successfully worked with us to help us communicate a clearer picture of who we are and what makes us different from other institutes. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Yasmin.

Lorna Goldberg, L.C.S.W., Director
Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies

Working with Yasmin for the past year or so has been a pure joy, even with the wide ocean between us. She is a true professional who knows her business inside and out, and she has a hands-on, goal-focussed approach. A great communicator and amazing person, she is one of my favorite clients.

Lizette Balsdon, Copywriter at Content Cafe

“I approached Yasmin at yMarketingMatters several weeks before Stamford Hospital Health, Wellness & Sports Expo 2014 to learn more of their services and what value yMarketingMatters could provide Expo 2014. It was clear that after my initial conversation, Yasmin knew how to use social media to promote and help increase attendance for an event.  This is the first year TMK chose to invest more of the advertising and promotional budget toward social media for the Stamford Hospital Health Wellness & Sports Expo 2014.  Yasmin was very
thorough from the onset with a comprehensive plan, timeline and budget. She went over and above in giving her time and support to this project. I was extremely impressed with Yasmin’s follow-through on every level and her consistent attention to detail!  A big thank you for all they did to help make the Stamford Hospital Health Wellness & Sports Expo 2014 a success this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and her team very much and look forward to working together on many more TMK events!!”

Tamara Ketler, Owner
TMK Sports & Entertainment, LLC
“Working with Yasmin has been a delight. Her wide knowledge and expertise in social media has allowed my business to grow and flourish. Her dedication, her generosity and her willingness to help has been beyond measure. She has been clearly invested in me as a client and has been constantly trying to figure out new ways of supporting me. It seems that she derives much pleasure from watching my business succeed.”
Odelia Shargian, Owner
Movement Bliss Dance Studio

“Social media is still one of those disciplines that even seasoned marketers – if we are truly honest – find bewildering. In the B2B space – it is even more challenging to apply. From the C-suite to feet-on-the-street sales teams, everyone clamors for ‘more social media’ without really knowing what that means for the fortunes of the business. And not a single one of us in charge of these endeavors wishes to admit, ‘we’re not entirely sure either’.

Do I really need to be on Pinterest? When did Flickr go out of style? Do we need to Pheed, Chirp, or ShareBloc? When did a Vine stop being a vine? Google Authorship was killed? Will that affect my SEO rankings? Is ‘X’ amount of followers each month on LinkedIn good? What’s the ROI on a re-Tweet?

No one (and this is not hyperbole) can demystify and make concrete business sense out of social media like Yasmin can. Practitioners, pundits, professors alike – simply fall short on being able to actually break down what you need to focus on (and more importantly what you don’t need to do) from strategy on through to execution.  Yasmin doesn’t just opine about social media. She lives it. She breathes it. She works it. And in order to guide someone else’s business – you have to possess this in-depth working knowledge.  It frankly doesn’t work any other way.

Yasmin is my first stop before our company embarks on any new or revised social media plan. She’s also a part of regular stops on our journey with scheduled check-ins. There’s simply no one I trust more to make sure we’re heading down the right path and that we stay on that path.  I’m always comforted in knowing that she has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the social media space on any given moment so our program remains fresh.  She is always forthright and candid with her assessments of our goals, progress, tactics and measurement.  She has an innate ability to translate the lexicon of social media into something management can understand. She is absolutely tenacious in her quest to help us attain our objectives. And she cares as much about our success as we do.

Whether your business is just making its initial forays into the realm of social media or considers it a proven veteran – you’ll find her counsel indispensable.  I know we do.”

Christine Aruza, VP Corporate Marketing

“I have a large furniture store selling beautiful antique reproduction furniture imported from Indonesia. The business is 90 years old and when I took over it needed to adapt to the demands of a modern market place. I had already spent a considerable amount on print and conventional advertising and the returns didn’t justify the investment

I consulted yMarketing Matters & together we isolated the 3 needs of my business:

1. Boost turnover by increasing the brand profile and exposure of Miller’s Antiques to the market place.
2. Build, increase and sustain revenue by identifying and targeting the appropriate demographic
3. Achieve optimum exposure to the targeted customer profile.

Yasmin urged me to use social media as my primary marketing tool. From the outset, Yasmin identified the ideal channels and guided by her expertise and experience we focused on building a website and more importantly a Facebook Page.  Simultaneously we built an email and cell phone database that affords us a direct link to clients.

Within 6 months I saw a steady exponential increase in revenue and feet on the floor. The results continue to astound me. Today 55% of my revenue is derived from Facebook.  The apparent difference between conventional forms of branding and advertising is that Facebook and social media afford you access to a captive market. The client chooses to be in touch with your brand and followers are interactive with my brand. Without these forms of marketing I’d be fishing with good bait but not catching the right fish!

With digital marketing and the expert support from yMarketingMatters, I reach exactly who I need to. Daily, people come into the store as a result of online marketing that Yasmin manages.

I highly recommend Yasmin and her team to the business that wants to grow, and grow smart.

The results are self evident. Business is booming.”

Carmit Bamberger, CEO
Millers Antiques

“The marketplace for Social Media Consultants and SEO providers is a noisy, confusing place. At every B2B networking event, you’ll find “experts” that, for a reasonable monthly fee, will magically catapult your business onto Google’s coveted front page. However, if you want the unvarnished truth, from a genuine authority on the industry, then you need to call Yasmin Bendror. Yasmin forgoes the usual sales pitch,  and tells you (in plain English) what your business needs to know about social media. She will tell you that it involves hard work, and she will tell you that it requires commitment. If you listen, Yasmin will patiently teach you how it works, why it works, and exactly what you can expect from your social media investment. Yasmin is the best at what she does, and she enjoys a national reputation for delivering results for her clients. Read her blog, or follow her on Twitter, and you will see, first-hand, the depth of her expertise and her limitless passion for this new frontier of advertising. If your company has decided to invest in social media, your first call should be to I highly recommend Yasmin and yMarketingMatters. As a small business owner, I was naturally skeptical about the whole social media and SEO consulting industry, but Yasmin patiently explained the process. Together, we discussed strategy, SEO, customer engagement, and referrals, and she provided me with dozens of suggestions for improving my company’s internet marketing.  She knows what works, and keeps her finger squarely on the pulse of this ever-changing industry. Yasmin’s calm and confidence were evident in every call, which certainly helped put this nervous small business owner at ease.”

Brandon Woodward, Attorney

“I approached Yasmin for training sessions on social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the channels that Visual Retail Plus is active in, as well as tutorial on blog commenting. After our initial in depth phone interview that she conducted to understand our business, she prepared a detailed document for me on this, and also covered other important social media tactics like Google Alerts, RSS feeds, and told me about great free media outlets that I would have never heard of if it wasn’t for Yasmin. The training was very helpful and I have already implemented her suggestions.  I highly recommend training sessions from Yasmin for anyone needing help with their social media marketing.”

Hili Shrem, Director of Business Development

“Yasmin helped completely bare spa start up its social media marketing initiative with the setup of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging and helped tie it all into our website, promotions, and overall marketing messaging. It’s a pleasure to work with Yasmin who is a team player, always professional, punctual, and delivers on what she says. I would recommend Yasmin and her team to anyone.”

Cindy Barshop, Founder & Owner, aka Real Housewife of New York City
completely bare spa

“I needed to take my social media and marketing to the next level for the busy holiday travel season. Yasmin helped me identify the right social media and marketing channels and outline a program. Within the 3-month period, the outreach on Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords was very successful. Yasmin is very detailed and goal oriented and with regular calls, we would review the programs, reports and analytics together and tweak where necessary to optimize results. She was always available for consultation and questions and guided and advised me throughout. I would recommend Yasmin and yMarketingMatters for any business wanting to successfully expand their online presence.”

Dan Stratman, CEO & President
Airport Life Inc.
“Yasmin came highly recommended and I would in turn recommend her and her team to anyone starting or already doing social media marketing. With the launch of, she outlined a full social media strategy from the ground up with Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, and a blog. She developed the content as well as the execution on each channel and continued to strategize with us and really took on the role as our Marketing Director, getting involved in decision making, meetings with strategic partners and working closely with our web developers. Her detailed reporting and analytics made it easy to see our progress. With her hard work, expertise, and the ability to stay focused, she has been invaluable in getting where it is today and has always gone the extra mile for us.”
Sandra Oster, Founder & President

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