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Here are three easy tips to organically increase your Facebook Fan base and engagement:

1. Link Your Facebook Business Page from Your Personal Facebook Profile 

When people visit your personal page, they land on your Timeline, which looks like this:

Facebook Timeline Image 1


Make sure you have a link to your Facebook Business Page so people can Like your Page. It should look like this:


To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to your personal profile. On your timeline cover image, click on “Update Info”
  • Under “Work and Education” — “Where have you worked?” type in the name of your Facebook Page
  • As you type in the name of your Page, several pages will appear beneath the field. Click on your Page to select it
  • Add in your position, description, etc.
  • Leave the box, “I currently work here” checked and click on “add job”

2. Add a Facebook Like Box to Your Website

An easy way to grow your Likes is by adding a Facebook Like box on your website. Website visitors are hot leads and want more ways to connect with you!

The Like BOX also keeps visitors ON your website whereas the Facebook Like ICON takes them AWAY from your site.  (You can also add this plugin to your thank you pages.)

Click here to get your embed code for your Facebook Like Box.  You can customize it too:


Facebook Like Box for Website


3. Make Sure Your Fans See Your Posts in their Newsfeed:

Yes! This is possible without paying Facebook advertising $$!

Ask your fans to do the following by posting this on your Facebook Page and sending an email to them:

Hey Fans,

Never  miss our our posts and updates in your Facebook newsfeed!  It’s super easy: 

#1: From your personal FB profile type in the name of our Facebook Page in the search bar and click on it.

#2: Hover over the Liked button and select “Get Notifications” from the drop down menu!

(Customize this image by taking a screen shot of your Facebook Page)

Make Sure Your Fans See Your Posts in their Newsfeed 

That’s it. Super easy. Do these three tips and boost your business through your Facebook Page.

Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email with any questions.

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