Ok, you just have to take this seriously! I know you’ve heard this before, and its stuff I know too! But yesterday I attended a Webinar by the American Marketing Association (@marketing_power), Anne Holland (@AnneHolland55), publisher of the *addictive* A/B testing case studies site, WhichTestWon.com, and of MarketingSherpa founder/fame (I am a HUGE  fan!) and Jon Miller (@jonmiller2), VP of Marketing at Marketo, who both shared real-life examples of landing pages that  increased conversions by huge percentages with BASIC landing page tests and changes.

Did you know that 95% or more of the traffic you worked so hard to drive to your landing page is probably bouncing right off again… wasted. But with a few simple changes to your copy, layout, call-to-action, web form, and submit button, you can gain 20-60% more conversions!

Sometimes I struggle to convince my clients how worthwhile this is, even though they spend thousands of dollars on advertising banners, PPC adwords, product launches with specific landing pages, they won’t spend a little extra in time,  resources, and budget to test.  This can only bode well to prove that the marketing outreach was a success and of course – increase the company’s bottom line!

So, this webinar was SO refreshing. It fired me up all over again and just drove home how important A/B testing is.

So, please do simple testing of the following: Landing Pages. Online Banners. Google Adwords. Forms…

What should you test? Simple A/B changes to: Headlines. Buttons. Call to Action Offer. Colors. Graphics. Images…

Please see great, clear examples on WhichTestWon.com to see how simple it can be.

You will be so SURPRISED at the results, especially what you *thought* would resonate with your audience, and BAM, they actually react better to another option! And by way more clicks throughs!

Very useful resources from WhichTestWon.com:

  • What is A/B Split Testing? Check out this 5-min video. (in short, its a method in which two random groups of website visitors are served different pages to test the performance of specific ad components such as a headline or graphic element. A/B split testing is used to test only one variable at a time. There are also other testing methods.

If you need help with your landing pages – call me 😉

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